In the game of pyramid, there are two teams who compete to place a triangle on an opponent’s pyramid. The first team to completely cover their opponents’ pyramids wins. Pyramids get smaller and harder-to-cover as you go up in levels, meaning games will last longer and more effort is required for winning.

The “cuphead pyramid peril secret” is a secret that has been hidden in the game cuphead. The secret is located in the game’s final boss fight.

Pyramid Peril


On Inkwell Isle 2, you’ll encounter Djimmy the Great as you enter the Pyramid. This boss will be fought in five stages. The bombs, the plane’s second armament, will make this boss battle simpler.

The first phase is the Treasure Chest.

Djimmy will remain on the right side of the screen and open his chest, launching a variety of things at you. This assault may be done in three different ways. He’ll also fire enormous smoke cups and faces at you, which you’ll have to avoid.


Swords – Blue and pink swords will slash at you, pause for a moment, and then pursue you. They’re rather simple to avoid, so keep moving and hammering Djimmy to speed through this phase.

Golden Cats – Cats will be released from the chest, which will then open up, allowing additional cats to be freed. This approach is also quite simple to avoid.

Treasure – This is the most hardest portion of the game. When Djimmy opens the box, riches will fly towards you. You’ll have to avoid a lot of little objects. Continue to fire while dodging, and maybe you’ll be able to go on to phase 2.

Genie Pillars (Phase 2)

To go past this phase, look for the faces on the pillars and shoot them. Keep an eye out for the moving blades between the pillars.


You may fly right through the wooden pole that bears the blade; only the blade will harm you. You’ll go on to the next step if you’ve completed all six pillars.

Genie Sarcophagus is the third phase.

This assault has two components. To begin, little ghosts will fly towards you from the right to the left. You may either avoid or fire them, and some will be pink, allowing you to smack them. Djimmy will also fire two eyes/planets from the tomb, which will bounce back at you.


It’s best to stay at the top of the screen and fire bombs at Djimmy while avoiding the eyeballs and ghosts.

Genie Puppet (Phase 4)

Djimmy may sometimes raise a puppet that will fire at you. As it rotates around, a hat will fly around and fire bullets.


This is a rather simple phase. Remember to utilize the dash button to enter tiny aircraft mode, which allows you to fly quicker and avoid bullets more easily.

Giant Genie (Phase 5)

Djimmy will reappear as a colossal genie with three floating pyramids. At the same moment when one of the pyramids tears the fabric of space, Djimmy will send a beam at you from his eyes. Because it will open its eye, you will know what pyramid it is.


It’s difficult to avoid both of them at the same time, but keep in mind that the pyramid only rips left/right and up/down from its eye. You should be able to dodge it if you keep on the diagonals. Continue shooting until Djimmy has been beaten for good.

After then, there’ll be a carnival kerfuffle.

Cuphead’s backside


The “cuphead boss music” is a song that plays during the final battle of the game. It’s an amazing tune and it really makes you feel like you’re fighting the boss.

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