The Murine Corps. is a squad of mice who enlist in the United States Army to battle against their enemies, cats. This satirical army takes on topics like feline-on-mice violence and PTSD, but it’s also just a good and weird game with great combat gameplay that deserves more attention than it gets..

The “murine corps 1 hour” is a game that has been released by the company Murine. The game is available on both iOS and Android, and it is free to download.

Murine Corps

Returning to Cuphead


Going inside the pink home behind the road closure signs will lead you to the Murine Corps boss encounter. For the first few rounds, the battle is against a rat in a can, followed by a big cat.

Tank Werner is in charge of the first phase.

The rat will ride a can like a tank during this phase, and he will use three distinct attacks:

He’ll launch explosives that will detonate when they reach the ground. If you’re close, be careful to jump since the explosions will blast fire in all directions.

Rubbish Fling: The rat will toss garbage from the can across the screen, which will spread out. You’ll be able to parry one or two of the pieces since they’ll be pink. When you’re further away from the trash can, it’s simpler to avoid it.

Mousetraps: The rat will hurl a pair of pink mousetraps onto the floor. The rat will transfer the can to the opposite side of the screen after deploying the mousetraps. You’ll need to parry a mousetrap as he approaches you so you can bounce over the rat.

Flamethrower (Phase 2)

The rat will be in the middle of the screen for the second phase, firing flame throwers from both sides.


When he raises his head, go down to the flower, and when he’s near to the ground, leap up to the ledge. Furthermore, the bottle tops will shift back and forth, making jumping to and from the ledge more challenging.

Cat Attack (Phase 3)

The rat will be eaten by a large cat, and you will have to battle it instead. Its primary attack is to reach out from either side of the screen with its paws. By running to the other side, you may avoid them. Tiles will fall from above as well, so you’ll have to dodge them all at the same time.


The cat may sometimes produce two rat ghosts that will fire pink pellets at you. You have the option of parrying, slapping, or avoiding them. If the pink pellets fall on the ground, they will split into two smaller pink pellets that will roll in either direction down the floor.


Continue blasting the cat in the face until it is knocked unconscious.

Then there’s the High Seas Hi-jinx.

Cuphead’s backside


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