The Gantlet is a 3rd-person shooter set in the future, with destructible environments and upgradeable weapons. The game became popular because it’s easy to learn but difficult to master.

The “doom 2 map 4” is a level in the game that is found on the second map of Doom II. It’s also known as The Gantlet because it features a lot of enemies and traps.

Level 3: The Gantlet

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The Gantlet is a game of skill.


The Gantlet is a game of skill. is another small level but it’s where you’re introduced to a very dangerous enemy, the Chaingunner. Using a Chaingun against him will stun him and prevent him from firing back.

Head down the stairs and around to the Armor from the beginning of the level. When you take it up, a room full with Shotgun Guys will appear. Take them out and go to the east on the lift.

Now is not the time to shoot at any of the adversaries. Wait for both sides’ foes to begin assaulting each other.


As soon as they detect you, begin shooting back. The Chaingunners should be taken out first since they do the greatest damage. There are two on either side of you, as well as the ones in front of you, on the ground.

Make a strafe run off the walkway into the well once the coast is clear. You’ll descend down to Secret 1, where Mega Armor, Super Charge, and Invisibility may be found. Return to the top of the teleport.

Continue east, defeating the opponents and obtaining the Blue Key. The blue key is required for all nearby doors. To locate the Switch, go to the left and stroll around the corridor. This provides access to a teleporter that leads to the exit chamber.

Drop to the ground level of the huge outdoor area before boarding the teleporter. Open the south-east corner’s hidden door. This isn’t an official secret, but you’ll discover the first Backpack inside.

Return to the teleporter and go over the path. You’ll be taken to a ledge above the beginning location. Take out the Demons by opening the entrance to the south. Grab the Red Key by descending.

Two Switches are located on one of the side walls. The left Switch sets up an Imp trap. The right Switch lowers the lift, allowing you to ascend. To finish the level, open the red door and press the Exit Switch.

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The “doom 2 the focus” is a level in “Doom II: Hell on Earth”. It was released as part of the game’s third episode. The level is considered to be one of the most difficult levels in the entire game, with a difficulty rating of Nightmare.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the red key in Doom 2 Level 3?

A: The red key is obtained by interacting with a wall in the area to obtain it.

How do you beat gauntlet Doom 2?

A: I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

How long does it take to beat Doom 2?

A: 4 hours.

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