Level 22: Burnt Offerings is an epic game with a hilarious story that combines the fun of RPGs and the strategic challenge of puzzle games. The player assumes control over one character who must manage their team’s resources, battle monsters, level up and find treasure in order to survive against waves of enemies from different eras all within various settings such as Amazonia, Norse Mythology and Ancient Egypt

The “doom 64 burnt offerings secrets” is a secret that the player must find to progress in the game. The player will have to find it in the “Burnt Offerings” level.

Level 22: Burnt Offerings

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Burnt Offerings (Level 22)


Starting at the beginning, remove the Arachnotron in front of you and carefully navigate your way around the round pit. Walk to the middle of the walkway and push the pillar’s Button. This elevates the Arachnotron’s steps, allowing you to grasp the Super Shotgun.

Proceed to the next location to the west and eliminate any Arachnotrons that arise. To deal with them swiftly, use the Unmaker.

Once the area is free, go west to the pillar chamber and then south. For Secret #1, open the door on the east wall and then the wall behind it. To lower the Backpack, press the Button. This is the second secret. Get out of there before the roof turns into a crusher.

Go all the way to the bottom of the stairwell and push the Button on the far wall. Four pillars will descend, and four Hell Knights will emerge when they rise.


Ascend the stairwell that around the room’s perimeter. After the adversaries have been defeated, press the two Buttons you passed on your way up the stairs to unlock a wall at the top and drop the Blue Key. Grab the key by jumping out the window.

Go through the Blue Door by ascending the stairs immediately to the left of the key. Step forward to lower the room’s little walls, then take a step back. Using the door as a cover, eliminate the Arachnotrons.

BEFORE trying to obtain the Rocket Launcher, SAVE YOUR GAME. An arrow trap will be set off when the floor is lowered. To avoid being struck, stand at the corner of the depressed part. It will rise up again after a few seconds.

Pass through the door and push the west side Button, then the east side Button. On the east side, there is a hidden wall. Open it to reveal Secret #5: Mega Armor.

To return to the stairwell, descend the steps and open the brick wall. If you’re in need of some exercise, climb the steps and gaze out the window at the center building. When you shoot the weird symbol, it will transform into a Supercharge and descend. This is the sixth and last secret. Drop down and grab it.


Return to the pillared chamber, where the bars to the bars in the room to the west should have dropped. Kill the Cacodemons by entering and killing them. Arachnotrons will spawn at the entrance if you pick up the Yellow Key from the far side of the chamber.

Make your way to the Yellow Door, which is perched over the enormous courtyard on a ledge. Kill the Arachnotrons and Zombiemen as you go. If you need health, there is a Supercharge in the middle of the chamber.

Grab the Red Key by opening the door to the next chamber. The corridor walls will soon close up on you, trapping you within.


A Button will appear in a few seconds. Press it to lower one of the barriers, allowing you to exit. Kill all of the Hell Knights in the side passageways, then push the Button opposite the entrance to open the door and let yourself leave.

You may go to the Exit now that you have the Red Key, but you might wish to acquire the remaining two secrets first. Open the wall to Secret #3 by climbing the steps to the Blue Door. Step atop the teleporter to reach Secret #4, where you may sprint over the slime pool to the Mega Sphere.

Return to the vast courtyard and open the Red Door to the north once again. Hit the Exit Button after killing the Arachnotrons.

Return to Level 21: Pitfalls The Unholy Temple is the next level.


The “doom 64 level 24 to 28” is a game that is in the category of “Gaming”. The game has been rated as level 22.

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