Level 13: Dark Citadel is a unique take on the hack-and game style. The game focuses on three different characters with their own individual skillsets who, together, must work to save mankind from an alien invasion in this top down shooter that blends 2D and 3D graphics into one cohesive world.

The “doom 64 blue key level 2” is a map in the game Doom. The map is called “Dark Citadel.” It’s a difficult map, but it has some secrets that will make you want to keep playing.

Level 13: Dark Citadel

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Dark Citadel (Level 13)


The layout of this level includes a central square chamber, a central corridor that circles the square room, and various rooms that branch off the hallway. You begin in a little room off the main corridor.

Make your way around to the left and into the first room on the left to obtain the Super Shotgun. The barriers will disintegrate, exposing a wide space. After you’ve taken out the adversaries, hit the Button on the far pillar. The portal to the east is now open. Take a look around, but don’t go too deep into the chamber. The floor will give way and you’ll fall into the lava.

Return to the hallway and go to the west. Secret #1 with a Backpack and Rockets may be found by opening the wall in the corner. Continue to the north, around the corridor, and push the Button on the center wooden pillar.

Return the way you came and go around the opposite side of the corridor. On the right, enter the chamber. Defeat the Arachnotrons in the north. Secret #2 may be found by opening the wall in the tunnel directly before the Arachnotron chamber. This exposes the stairs leading to a narrow corridor. Keep an eye out for a BFG and a Mega Sphere.

Take the elevator down to the vast open chamber after you’re finished. Defeat all of the baddies and collect the ammunition. You’ll return here after you’ve obtained the blue key. Return to the elevator for the time being.

Proceed to the south. To the east is a hallway, and to the south is a chamber. Clear the eastern corridor first, then go to the south. This will transport you to the room’s outside ledge, where you’ll find the armor. If you haven’t previously, kill the adversaries before dashing over to obtain the Mega Armor.


Return to the eastern portion and follow the eastern corridor all the way to the conclusion. Take the elevator to the bottom of the stairs to a chamber with Barons of Hell. Kill all of them and then exit the room.

Strafe dashes over the Invulnerability via the open window. Return to the previous room as quickly as possible. In the side corridor, turn right and hit the Button. This not only sets the traps in motion, but it also exposes the Blue Key. While you’re still invulnerable, grab the Blue Key and get out of there.

Open the Blue Bars to the north and descend to the huge chamber. To lower the bars in the northern portion of the main hallway, press the Button.

The elevator in the northwest corner of the main hallway is open, so push the Button and take it down. You’ll be led to a part of the library with three rooms.

Clear the enemy from the northern chamber and hit the Button. You now have access to the red key. From the first chamber, take the eastern exit, go north, and then take the stairwell to the lift. Ride it up to the top, take the Red Key, and return to the main chamber. More foes will appear, so eliminate them.


For a Supercharge, take the lift up, turn left, then walk through the false wall on the left (east). Return to the main hallway and enter the center chamber via the Red Door.

Clear the opponents from the way and run through the centre fire to get the Yellow Key. Once you’ve dispatched the spawning Barons of Hell, go west via the Yellow Door to the Exit.

Return to Level 30: The Lair The next level is Level 14: Eye of the Storm.


The “doom 64 level 17 megasphere” is a level in the game Doom 64. It can be found on map 01: Dark Citadel. The level is dark and has many dangerous enemies and traps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the red key in Doom 64 level 13?

A: There are a few ways to get the red key, but generally speaking you need to find one of the three keys in this level and use it on another locked door further down.

Where is the blue key in Doom 64?

A: The blue key is in the Fiery Furnace. It can be found on the floor of one of the rooms near where you start out, and it unlocks a door to more areas that move forward through time.

How many secret levels are in Doom 64?

A: There are a total of 12 secret levels in Doom 64.

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