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The “legend of grimrock level 2” is a game that was released in 2002. The game has been praised for its graphics, and the variety of gameplay. This game is one of many games that were originally released for Windows, but have since been ported to other platforms.

Level 1: Into the Dark

Grimrock’s Legend


This level serves as a tutorial, demonstrating the sorts of puzzles and encounters you’ll find as you go further into the dungeon. There are a few foes here, but nothing to be concerned about. Mostly Giant Snails, with a few Herders thrown in for good measure. At the conclusion of the level, there is just one Skeleton Warrior. Green represents secrets.


1. The first secret is immediately next to you once you’ve been thrown into the dungeon. Turn to the left and hit the stone button on the wall. This will reveal a wall with a Shuriken and Lurker Boots.

2. Take the Torch off the wall. You may put it in the hands of one of your characters to cast a light. There are lots of torches strewn across the levels. The gate opens when you take the Torch.

3. To open the next Gate, pull the Chain.

4. There are two pieces of clothes in this alcove: the Peasant’s Tunic and the Peasant’s Breeches. A Cudgel may be found in the alcove a bit farther down the passageway.

5. In front of you is a closed gate. I suppose you’ll be stuck in this dungeon for the rest of your life. Just joking. To open the gate, place anything on the pressure plate. Because you’ll be utilizing rocks as weapons, retain the neighboring Rock and set a Torch on the pressure plate instead.

6. A Brass Key may be found in the niche.

7. To open the door, use the Brass Key on the lock. A Rock may be found on the floor at the bend of the next corridor.

8. To read the runes on the wall, click on them. “Loose Rock” is a song by the band Loose Rock. One of the stones on the wall seems to be unusual. To open a wall, press it. An Iron Key for the next gate may be found within.

9. To unlock this Gate, use the Iron Key.

10. Your first foe, a Giant Snail, has arrived. It’s slow enough that it won’t disrupt your gathering. It will drop some yummy food after it is destroyed. Leather Pants, a Knife, and Leather Boots are all found within.

11. To open the gate, pull the Lever.

12. There’s a Throwing Knife within the niche, which is a fantastic weapon for a Rogue.

13. For the time being, disregard the Door at 16 and kill the Giant Snail. To open it, you’ll need an Iron Key. Instead, make your way to the south. You’ll discover a Baked Maggot, Loincloth, Sandals, and a Rock inside Room 13.

14. Read the runes on the wall after opening the Gate. “Something has to fly to shut the pit.” To land on the opposite side of the pressure plate, throw anything over the pit. This will shut the trapdoor and allow you to pass through. An Iron Key may be found in the niche. You may use a portal to return to this level if you fall into the pit.

Pitroot Bread and a Rock may be found at the conclusion of this route.

To open the door, use the Iron Key.

17. There is a Daemon statue on the wall straight ahead. “Heal my sight,” says the inscription next to it. To open the door, you’ll need to locate two diamonds to put into its eyes. They may be found at 19 and 23.

18. There are four Herders in this chamber. To prevent being imprisoned, coax them out one at a time. Search the chamber for 2 Grim Caps, a Tar Bead, and a Rock once they’ve been murdered.

19. To open the Gate at 19, pull the Lever at the north of the chamber. The first Blue Gem may be found within. A Button on the right-hand wall unlocks the secret at 20.

20. To get access to this secret, press the Button in the cell. There are two Cave Nettles, a Tar Bead, and a Dagger in there.

21. To shut the trapdoor, pull the lever in the passage. There’s a Giant Snail on the loose, and two more are imprisoned in cell 23.

22. A Loincloth, Tattered Cloak, Rock, and the Mages first spell, a Scroll of Fireburst, may be found in this chamber.

23. To open the Gate, stand on the Pressure Plate. Kill the two Giant Snails and enter the room to find the second Blue Gem. To exit the cell without losing any belongings, push the tiny Button on the right-hand wall. Place an object on the other Pressure Plate outside the cell’s bars while standing on the Pressure Plate within the cell. The gates will now open, allowing you to return your property.

24. Your first Skeleten Warrior will assault you when you open the Door at level 17. Your first Iron Door may be found in Room 24. To open the Iron Door, press the two little buttons on the walls. The Whitewood Wand and a Scroll containing information about it are both found within.

25. A Scroll containing instructions on how to use the Crystal of Life. The Crystals may be used to revive and heal your party.

Stairs heading down to Level 2 (S1)


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The “legend of grimrock walkthrough level 2” is a game that has been released in the past. It was developed by the company called “Legend of Grimrock”. The game is about a group of people who are trying to escape from an underground dungeon.

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