The Deimos Lab is a new extra-terrestrial research and development site in the game, E2M4: Deimos. Located on Mars, players must collaborate with their friends to build the best facility possible while searching for alien artifacts hidden throughout each level.

The “doom e2m4 guide” is a resource that contains detailed information on how to complete the level in the game Doom. The level has been named Deimos Lab and is one of the hardest levels in the game.

E2M4: Deimos Lab

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Demonstration of Deimos Lab


This level is significantly bigger than the last one, and there are a few tricky sections where you’ll want to have some extra rockets or plasma clips on hand.

To get a Shotgun and a Box of Bullets, unlock Secret 1 on the shimmering wall to the right from the beginning. To get to the main area, go via the teleporter ahead.

Take down the Imps and Shotgun Guy on the northbound stairwell. Enemies will be alerted from the wide region to the west once you start fighting. Keep an eye out for them when they enter. Take the elevator to the top and turn left or right to the next room. Behind the pillars, you’ll find some treasure. When you get near enough to the red pedestal on the right, the pillars and the wall behind them will descend. This is the second secret. Take down the Cacodemon and other adversaries with a handful of rockets before picking up the Computer Map.

Return to the bottom of the steps and turn west. We’ll return to secrets 3 and 4 later. For the time being, continue west beyond the slime ring and turn right at the next intersection. Turn west and wipe out the opponents in the next chamber before Secret 5 closes. You won’t be able to get out if you drop in, so kill the opponents first, including one Cacodemon. Drop inside the chamber and pick up the treasure after the opponents have been thinned out. To go back out, press the skull button to lower the next chamber. Secret number five should now be unlocked. If it isn’t, shoot the wall to make it open. A Chaingun and a Blur Artifact may be found within.

Return to the Blue Key and turn around to the west. Take the lift up to the top and push the button to lower the bridge so you may cross. To get to a Radiation Suit, follow the way around to the right. Pick up the Beserker for Secret 3 on the south side of the bridge.

Return to the slime ring and complete a lap counterclockwise. The tunnel to the north should be ready to use soon. You’ll be assaulted by a dozen Demons and Specters as soon as you arrive. When they come close, run to the closest corner and punch them. This is Secret 4, which also contains a Soul Sphere, many Bonuses, and a Radiation Suit.

To open the blue door, return to the west and go north. Continue north and either kill the Baron or use the Yellow Key to entice him inside the chamber. The huge crusher will start working as soon as you take up the key. To conserve ammunition, lure the Baron into the crusher.

To proceed around the ring, open the yellow door to the east and turn left. Take the left-hand stairwell to another chamber with five doors. Drop over the edge of the cliff to the north for a couple medpaks and Secret 7. Make your way to the east via the tunnel to find Secret 8 and a few rockets. Return to the room with doors by opening the door to the east.

The massive middle door should be opened. When you enter, the two closest doors will open, allowing a few foes to escape. Take them out, and then open the west door. Run inside for Blue Armor after shooting the barrels in the alcove across the blood. This is the sixth secret.

Return to the ring and complete the circuit. On the left, you’ll see a little triangular gap. For Secret 9, scroll below. Pick up the Plasma Gun and go over to the teleporter, which will transport you to the ring’s center. Kill the Cacodemon and Demon before descending the stairwell.

Two Barons of Hell, a pair of Cacodemons, and a smattering of Imps may be found at the bottom. Prior to concentrate fire on the Barons, take out the minor animals. When you’re finished, use the teleporter to go to the south. You’ll wind up in a different part of the southeast.

Kill the Demon, then fall over the cliff. Make a beeline towards the eastern ledge and press the skull button to raise a bridge leading to the exit. To return to the same region, go through the teleporter and then back via the teleporter. Cross the bridge and make contact with the escape door. Turn around to witness Secret 10’s new bridge being built. This leads to the creation of a Soul Sphere. Take it, then return via the exit.

Return to E2M3: Refinery E2M5: Command Center follows next.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat Deimos Lab?

A: I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you an answer.

How do I get out of Deimos Lab doom?

A: You can use the console command quit at any time.

How many levels are in Doom Episode 2?

A: There are four levels in Doom Episode 2.

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