The best-selling PC game series of all time has been transformed into a free to play mobile title with an immersive blend of RPG and battle royale. This is no mere port, but the true descent you’ve always wanted.

“Descent movie” is a science fiction horror film. The movie is about a team of astronauts who are sent to explore the deepest parts of the Earth’s crust. They discover that they have landed on an alien planet, and their descent has awakened the aliens.


Descent is a 1995 PC game created by Parallax Software and launched as a 3D first-person shooter. You pilot a tiny spaceship across the solar system’s mines, eliminating the numerous infected mining bots along the way. Install DXX-Rebirth to improve the visuals of the original game.

There are 27 levels and three hidden levels to complete, all of which increase in difficulty. You must locate the reactor core, blow it up, and then flee before the mine falls around you. You may rescue the stranded miners who have been kidnapped by the robots as an extra mission.

In a 3D world, getting lost is simple since you may fly upside-down and sideways through hallways and vast cavernous areas. You may use a keyboard solely or a combination of keyboard, mouse, and joystick. You’ll need to discover the hidden entrances on levels 10, 21, and 24 to go to the secret levels.

Walkthrough for Descent


Lunar Outpost (Level 1) Level 2: Lunar Science Laboratory Lunar Military Base (Level 3)


Atmospheric Base of Venus, Level 4 Venus Nickel-Iron Mine (Level 5)


Mercury Solar Lab (Level 6) Mercury Core (Level 7)


Mars Processing Station (Level 8) Level 9: Military Dig on Mars Secret Military Base on Mars, Level 10 Asteroid Secret Base, Level 1


Io Sulfur Mine (Level 11) Callisto Tower Colony, Level 12 Europa Mining Colony (Level 13) Europa CO2 Mine (Level 14)


Titan Mine (Level 15) Hyperion Methane Mine (Level 16) Tethys H2O Mine (Level 17)


Miranda Mine (Level 18) Oberon Mine (Level 19) Oberon Platinum Mine (Level 20) Oberon Iron Mine Secret (Level 21) Asteroid Military Depot (Level 2)


Neptune Storage Depot (Level 22) Triton Storage Depot (Level 23) Nereid Volatile Mine Secret (Level 24) Asteroid Robot Factory (Level 3)


Pluto Outpost (Level 25) Pluto Military Base (Level 26) Charon Volatile Mine (Level 27)


“Descent synonym” is a game that has been around for many years. The game is set in a dark and spooky environment where players must collect resources to build defenses and escape from the darkness. Reference: descent synonym.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does i descent mean?

A: I descent is a term used to describe the process by which one person descends from an elevated position, such as a horse or bicycle.

What does descent mean example?

A: The opposite of ascent. Descent is the process of a body or fluid moving from a higher place to a lower place.

What is descent people?

A: Descent people is a type of person who does not like to live in the real world, preferring instead to spend their time playing video games.

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