In search of the Holy Grail, King Arthur and his knights embarked on a series of quests involving mystical creatures. Led by Merlin’s visions, they travelled across Europe in search of magical treasures and mysterious monsters. After numerous adventures spanning decades, the legend came to an end with tragedy at Camelot

The “conquests of camelot: the search for the grail walkthrough” is a book about the quest for the Holy Grail. This is a great read if you are looking for a quick, fun read.

Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the Holy Grail

Conquests-of-Camelot-The-Search-for-the-Holy-GrailIn Conquests of Camelot, you play as King Arthur on his quest for the Holy Grail. Sierra Online launched this adventure game in 1989, and it is still accessible on GOG. The game starts in Camelot. A curse has been placed on the area, causing starvation and drought.

The other knights have gone in pursuit of the Holy Grail and have yet to return. It’s up to you, King Arthur, to find the lost knights and return the Holy Grail in order to break the curse.

The first book in the series is The Conquests of Camelot. Conquests of the Longbow is the only other game in the series, and it chronicles the exploits of Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest.

Walkthrough for Conquests of Camelot



You begin in Camelot’s castle. You can navigate the castle by clicking on various rooms. Enter your room and go to the bottom left corner of the room, behind the screen. Take your clothing with you. Arthur will change his clothes and collect his armor, shield, and sword automatically. Take the purse off the table and walk out of the room.

Enter the garden by walking there. Your Queen has arrived. Interrogate the Queen about the Rose and Launcelot. Take the rose from the shrub and walk away. Before departing, you may ‘kiss queen’ if you like.

Talk to the guy inside the treasury. Inquire about the packages and Gewain with the guy. Give the guy the purse and take the gold, silver, and copper. For a little of fun, write in ‘ham and jam and spam a lot’ for a Monty Pythons easter egg. Leave the wizard’s tower and enter the wizard’s tower.

Inquire about the map with Merlin. Take a look at the map on the wall. You can learn more about each of the towns by clicking on them. Look at the scroll on the right-hand table and then read it. To get the lodestone, go to the box, open it, and take the lodestone.

Walk from the tower to the chapel. Kneel before one of the altars and make a gold coin offering. Kneel and stand at the other altar. 1 gold coin is required. Stand up and walk away.

Mount the horse and go to the front courtyard. Pass via the western gate. You’ll be led to a map after leaving Camelot, where you may pick your destination. The Tor of Glastonbury is your first destination.

The Tor of Glastonbury

When you first approach the woodland, a little Forest Sprite will confront you and demand copper or tin. Approach it and hand over one copper. Take a walk west.

Speak with the hunter and hand over one copper. Inquire about the Mad Monk, the Black Knight, Gawain, and the spear. Give him 1 gold for the spear when he’s done, then take the spear. Take the road to the west.

Three boars will attack you if you travel over to the west. You’ll need to timing your assaults such that you launch your spear attack approximately half a second before the boars arrive.

If you keep going west, crow will automatically start chatting to you. Tell it ‘yes’ when it asks whether you wish to confront the Black Knight. Take the sleeve from the skeleton beside the rock. To confront the Black Knight, ride to the east.

The Black Knight will ask whether you wish to sacrifice your life to rescue Launcelot. If you answer yes, the jousting match will commence. You have the ability to shift your shield and joust. Rather of hitting the Black Knight’s shield, you should aim at his body. The simplest method is to start with your jousting stick to the right and gradually shift it to the left as the Black Knight approaches. Just to the left of his shield, you should be able to attack his body. The Black Knight will be defeated if you knock him off three times.

You’ll see Launcelot bound to a tree if you go to the east. Get off your horse and make your way up to Launcelot. With your sword, free Launcelot and speak with him. Inquire about the Holy Grail, and then mount Launcelot and ride him back to Camelot.

Return to the east and you’ll come upon a stone circle with a Hag in the middle. She has a request for you. Give her the sleeve, and she’ll transform into Lady Elayne, a stunning lady. Examine the runes on the altar where she was standing, then read them. It will provide you with a hint for the following problem.

Take a walk to the north. The mule will be hidden behind a five-stone barrier. For a puzzle, speak with each of the standing stones. You can pass past the barrier after you’ve properly answered all five questions.

The solutions to all of the riddles may be found below. Only the first few words of each riddle have been included.

Water: I’ve lived three lifetimes. Iceberg: I’m made of lighter stuff than I am. Glove: When I’m full, I can guide the way. Snail: If a guy bore my weight, I’d be happy. My life can be measured in hours with a candle. Riddle: To solve my puzzle, you’ll need a basic key. Ship: Trees on my back, weight in my stomach Heart: Even if you shatter me, I will continue to work. Key: I only spin once, so what’s out won’t come in. Net: I’m only helpful when I’m completely filled. When you look in the mirror, you can’t see anything else. Gold: For the love of me, I drive men insane. Icicles are glistening points of ice. When I’m let free, I fly away. Wine: I’m lovely in the sun when I’m young. I’m constantly hungry, thus I’m on fire. Shadow: Every morning, I show up. Waterfall: As gleaming as diamonds, as thunderous as thunder You’ve heard me before, right? Lovely and spherical pearl Time: I am unknown until I am measured. Air: It’s all around you, yet you can’t see it. If I’m seen in the sky, I’m seen in the water. If I’m seen in the water, I’m seen in the water. Men may dream when they hear me play music. Turtle: I sleep under a strong dome.

Step through the barrier to be transferred to the center of the ruins after you’ve successfully answered the five stones. Take a walk to the north, past the altar, then back to the north. A monk may be seen at a dry well. If you approach the monk, he will flee. To the north, follow him. Make an attempt to converse with the monk and inquire about the Holy Grail. He’ll brandish you as a thief and flee to the west.

To the west, follow the monk. If he isn’t here, keep looking until you locate him. He has two illusions with him this time. Draw your sword and attack with it by pressing the Space Bar. The illusions will vanish after you strike the actual monk, and the Old Ones will emerge, telling you that you must take his place.

Return to the altar and lay 5 Silver Coins on top of it. This will be accepted as an offering by the Old Ones, who will set a key on the altar. To get to the well, take the Key and go north. Use the Key to unlock and then open the well. To locate the Mad Monk’s prize, a Crystal Heart, reach into the well. To view the map, go to the south, back to the mule, then south again. Make your way to Ot Moor.

Ot Moor

When you get to Ot Moor, take the east path to the ice lake and then the north path to the ice lake. To go to the palace in the middle, say “love is my shield” with the rose, or utilize the heart, which turns gold when you’re on the proper route and purple when you deviate. When you repeat “love is my shield,” the rose transforms into a cloud of petals that guides you over the ice.

When you get at the palace, go through the doors and encounter the Ice Maiden. Launcelot is imprisoned in an ice prison. Speak with the Ice Maiden and hand over the heart to her. She agrees to let you go and gives you directions to the Holy Grail. Tell her to let Launcelot free, and she’ll whisk you away for a trial.

Tell the Ice Maiden you’re ready for the challenge, then turn to face the bush. You must choose the correct flower to solve three questions. The solutions may be found below.

When the light gets dark and confidence disappears, Almond Blossom comes to mind. Anemone: If a dream is forgotten or a goal is lost. Buttercup: Your troubles were minimal when you were surrounded by giants. Chrysanthemum: Those who seek it are wise. Cornflower: Daffodil was a priest and a nun who knew each other. It takes away all your sorrows and pains. Forget-me-not: You suffer in quiet for its sake. Lily: It might be pleasant to the taste or as horrible as a curse. Poppy: It provides comfort in times of sadness. Sunflower: Oh, it’s fantastic; it’s unrivaled.

When you properly answer the questions, Launcelot will be sent back to Camelot, and you will be teleported to the edge of the frozen lake. Return to the map and then go to Southhampton.


Inquire with the guy beside the boat about the journey, Galahad, and costs. Purchase a ticket to Gaza. It will set you back three gold coins. If you don’t have precisely three gold coins, you may substitute two gold coins, four silver coins, and five copper coins, which seems to work.


When you get in Gaza, a youngster and a guy named Jabir will approach you. They both want you to join them. Follow the youngster to meet one of the Guardians, Al-Sirat. Inquire about Galahad, the Holy Grail, Guardians, and Goddesses with him. Make a note of the symbols for each of the six Goddesses that he will show you.

Rise and go from Al-Sirats. As you leave town, you’ll meet across Jabir, who you met before. Ignore him and continue walking south towards the desert. Walking east, south, and then east is a good idea. You’ll run across Jabir again, who will advise you to drink from the stream. As seen by your mule’s response, it’s poisoned. Jabir will flee if you draw your weapon.

Take a walk east, then north. Walk up and down the stairwell to the interior, where the Pool of Siloam has fresh water. After drinking the water, return to the top of the steps.

When you see Jabir, go north and draw your sword. When he rushes at you, strike him to put an end to him once and for all. To get to the Zion Gate, walk north. If you give the thug leader 4 copper, he’ll let you travel west. Continue wandering around the perimeter until you reach another gate. Draw your sword to frighten the hoodlum away, then enter.


You’ll be robbed as soon as you arrive, so don’t bother about pursuing down the criminal. Talk to Muhammed about selling your mule. He’ll hand over his coin purse to you. On both sides of the street, the Bazaar is packed with sellers of all types. You must first visit the Seeress, a lady selling apples, and then resolve all of the other merchants’ problems.

Purchase an apple by speaking with the Seeress. Give her one dinar and she will buy the most costly apple (gold coin). When you talk to other people in the market, they’ll tell you about their true issues.

Purchase a felafal and present it to the youngster. She wants lamb, but you won’t be able to chat with the meat trader until you get rid of the fish scent from the fish shop. Locate the potter and purchase a mirror from him. Speak with the retailer of textiles. He misplaced a veil to the lady who sold your mule across the street. Cross the street and dial Mari’s number. One of the windows will reveal her. Inquire about the veil. Give her the mirror, then toss it out the window. She’ll take the veil off.

Give the veil to the textile trader so he may talk to his wife about matters. Speak with the lamp vendor and purchase some herbs. While you’re here, pick up some charcoal. To get rid of the odor, give the herbs to the fish dealer. Speak with the butcher and purchase a lamb cut. If you give the lamb to the felafal vendor, she will adopt the young boy as her own. Purchase a grain bag from a grain dealer. You may only speak with him once you’ve given the fish merchant herbs.

Give the charcoal to the leper, then go to the relic trader and purchase a relic. Tell him your name is ‘Peter’ when he asks for it. The lamp trader will give you a broom if you give him the relic. Knock on the inn’s door and hand the broom to the innkeeper when he opens it. He’ll feed you and provide you a place to sleep for the night.

Return the following day at the Bazaar’s entrance, where you sold your mule, and you’ll notice a woman sobbing. Drop the grain on the ground to lure the pigeons back in. Return to the Seeress and have a conversation with her. She’ll offer you a strength apple and instruct you to go to the home with the crescent and moon if you’ve accomplished all of the mini-quests.

Enter by knocking on the door. A seductive woman will seduce you. Refuse all temptations and say “no” to each one. You may now converse with her. Inquire about Galahad, the Holy Grail, the Hierophant, the Catacombs, and the Test with her. To take the exam, enter via the right-hand door.

Each time the exam looks to be different. To learn more about one of the Goddesses, click on one of the vacant spots. Each slot must be filled with the right symbol. You must recall the Goddess symbols given to you by Al Sirat in Gaza, as well as the material on pages 9 and 10 of the guidebook. Here is a link to the manual. To complete the test, press F6.

Leave the home and talk with the Hierophant, the leper to whom you had previously given the charcoal. If you tell him you want to go into the tombs, he’ll unlock a hidden entrance for you. Enter the building and save your game.


Take a stroll north and east (with north being the top of the screen). You’ll come upon a mummy wearing a medallion. You’ll get bitten by a rat if you come too near. Instead, ‘take medallion with sword’. Continue walking north and north again. Close the distance between you and the sarcophagus until it opens. Approach it and take a peek inside. Take the golden apple, for example.

You’ll see Galahad sleeping on a brier if you travel north, east, and east, but you’ll be bitten by a rat if you enter the chamber. There’s nothing you can do about that, but you’ll have to move rapidly from now on. Walk up to the brier and offer Galahad the elixir.

To get to the Aphrodite statue, go west, north, north, east, and south. If you give Aphrodite the golden apple, she will agree to assist you escape if you can answer her questions. The questions will revolve on Aphrodite’s mythology. The solutions may be found by reading the instructions here.

When you’ve gotten all of the answers right, Aphrodite will offer you a dove and instructions on how to escape out of the catacomb. West, east, south, east, south, north are the directions. You’ll need to follow the instructions based on true north, which you can find using the lodestone. The north is usually indicated by the lodestone. Following the directions, a hidden path leading out of the catacombs will open up, and a skeleton will descend the steps. To go to Aphrodite’s temple, climb the steps.

Temple of Aphrodite

Make a loop around the temple, and after you’ve visited each side, you’ll come face to face with Saracen, who wants to fight you. He’s going to toss a helmet on the ground. After eating the apple, put on the helmet. You’ll need to utilize the number pad to battle Saracen. Full instructions may be found in the manual. If you strike too quickly, you’ll have to take a rest before trying again. Use your shield to protect for roughly 10 seconds before hitting again if Arthur’s blows get slower.

Once Saracen has been beaten, use the dove in the spiral on the ground. Aphrodite will emerge and provide you with a hint to the grail’s whereabouts. You may ‘ask about the grail,’ and Merlin will provide further details. Follow the pillars anti-clockwise until you reach the sixth pillar, starting at the spiral on the ground. To discover the grail, push the pillar.

Unfortunately, the grail will be stolen by a thief. Pursue him until you’ve captured him in a dead-end alley. You must now decide whether to murder the thief or take the grail and let him live.

Take a look at the concluding cut-scene. Congratulations for finishing Camelot’s Conquests: The Quest for the Holy Grail.


The “Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the Holy Grail” is a book about King Arthur’s quest to find the Holy Grail. It was written by T.H White and published in 1949. Reference: conquests of camelot flowers.

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