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The “artex paint roller” is a tool that can be used to remove Artex from walls. It is made of plastic, and it has a handle that makes it easy to hold while painting.

Can you roller Artex? |

How to Use Artex

Apply a generous layer of Artex to the ceiling using a brush or roller. If you attempt to cover the whole ceiling in one sitting, it will dry before you can finish the texturing.

Is it possible to use a paint roller on Artex?

A textured wall or an artexed ceiling would be covered with a long-sleeved mohair roller, whilst a smooth foam roller would be used to paint emulsion on a very smooth, plastered wall. The nap or pile of a roller refers to the length of the hair on the roller.

Is Artex still available? Artex is still available as of 2016, but the textured ceiling finishes are much less popular. One drawback with Ceilings made of Artex is that it’s tough to duplicate the design in a seamless manner while fixing them. Its popularity was hindered by the bad look of restored ceilings. Furthermore, getting rid of Artex might be tough.

I’ve also been asked whether I can paint over Artex.

Artex textured coatings may be painted over. Painting a textured Artex surface may need more thought than painting a flat surface, but it doesn’t have to be tedious. Use your textured Artex surface to influence your décor while painting over it for a really distinctive environment.

Is it possible to skip through Artex?

Artex is often seen as obsolete, and eliminating it might be challenging. Another alternative is to cover the artex with plaster. Plastering over artex is far more difficult than plastering over a standard surface like plaster board or a previously plastered surface. I scan through artex in this manner.

Answers to Related Questions

What is the best paint roller for a nice finish?

Ceilings and drywall need medium 3/8′′ nap roller coverings. Small 1/4′′ nap roller covers or foam rollers will give the smoothest surface on walls, wood, and metal. Microfiber rollers are suitable for light to medium textured surfaces. Smooth Surfaces – For an extremely fine finish, use a white woven short nap roller.

Is it possible to use a roller with satin paint?

A knit roller cover is excellent for applying flat, eggshell, or satin paints and stains. When applying any sort of paint, varnish, or enamel, you may obtain spray-like effects with one of these roller coverings. They work well on cupboards, doors, and other flat surfaces.

Is there asbestos in Artex?

It is possible, but not every artex contains asbestos. Artex and other asbestos-containing textured coatings were still utilized in building until asbestos was outlawed. Residential houses often have these goods on the walls and ceilings.

What is the best way to remove flaking paint from an Artex ceiling?


  1. Remove any old peeling paint with a stiff hand brush (a high quality mask is recommended since the artex may contain asbestos).
  2. PVA should be mixed with 20% water and applied to the ceiling using a brush alone, not a roller, since this might take off previous paint.
  3. Repaint as usual.

How do you use a roller to emulsion a wall?

What is the best way to use a paint roller?

  1. Before using fresh roller sleeves, de-fuzz them by washing them in water.
  2. Assemble the roller and the frame.
  3. Fill the reservoir at the end of the roller tray with paint.
  4. Paint should cover less than half of the roller when softly dipping it into the paint.
  5. In a big zigzag pattern, roll the paint onto the surface.

How can you apply Artex on a ceiling and make it smooth?

Fill the smoother with Artex Easifix Smooth-It using the spatula. Using forceful, sweeping strokes, apply an even coat. Allow to dry until solid to the touch after the whole area has been coated. Repeat the procedure as needed until the desired smoothness is achieved.

What is the best way to clean an Artex ceiling?

Gentle suction is the best approach to clean artex. To gently tease debris away, use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum that sweeps while it suctions. If you have no alternative but to use water since the ceiling is so bad, make it as gentle as possible.

Is it safe to cover Artex with plaster?

It is safe to apply a sealer, cover the coating with fresh plasterboard, or skim over it with a new layer of plaster if the textured coating/Artex is in excellent condition. Sanding, grinding, or chipping off the asbestos-containing covering first might harm the asbestos and release fibers into the air.

Is there a difference between Artex and plaster?

Is there a difference between Artex and plaster? Artex is different from plaster in that it is a textured, patterned surface covering that allows a wall or ceiling to be completed without fine plastering abilities if you don’t want a uniform design.

How do you depict Artex in your painting?

Plaster is used to provide texture and dimension to Artex creations. This indicates that the surface is not totally level, making painting more challenging. It is advised that you use emulsion paint while painting Artex. To completely cover the surface, apply at least two coats of paint.

What is the best way to paint a textured ceiling?

On textured ceilings, use a segmented foam roller.

  1. Everything in the room that will be exposed to paint spattering should be covered. Wear a dust mask, safety goggles, and a hat to protect your hair.
  2. Using a feather duster, dust the ceiling.
  3. When painting a textured ceiling, use a segmented foam roller.

Is it possible to paint over an asbestos ceiling?

New ceiling panels or vinyl paint may be used to cover the asbestos popcorn ceiling. Ceiling panels made of gypsum board may be used to cover a popcorn ceiling. This material is similar to drywall, except it is less dense. It is screwed into the ceiling framework.

Are Ceilings made of Artex a thing of the past?

Ceilings made of Artex

Ceilings known as ‘popcorn’ or ‘cottage cheese’ went out of favor years ago, not only because the aesthetic was no longer popular, but also because Artex was produced with white asbestos until the mid-80s to make it stronger.

How can you get rid of a thick Artex?

Remove the Artex using a scraper.

  1. Instead of a regular steel scraper, use a long-handled blade scraper to remove painted Artex.
  2. Scrape the surface using the scraper’s edge, then push into the Artex with uniform, controlled pressure.
  3. Scrape with parallel, straight strokes.

How can you know whether Artex contains asbestos?

What can I do if I’m not sure whether my Artex includes asbestos? The majority of textured coatings are white. However, if a little portion is destroyed, the real color of the coating underlying the paint may be seen. An orangey-brown or grey color, for example, is generally indicative of a plaster covering (as opposed to a true Artex coating).

What is the hourly rate for a plasterer?

Plasterers earn between $25 and $420 per hour, making them one of the highest-paid workers, however the average hourly wage is $51. Builders working on new houses charge up to $160 per hour, whereas those working on repairs or additions charge just $85 per hour.

Is it possible for me to scrape off Artex?

This fantastic solution is one of the fastest and simplest methods we’ve discovered to remove artex®. Simply paint over the artex® on a horizontal or vertical surface, allowing it to soften before scraping off.

The “artex roller toolstation” is a game that you can play on your PC. The goal of the game is to roll an object into a hole in the ground, while avoiding obstacles and collecting items.

Frequently Asked Questions

What roller is best for Artex?

A: The best roller for Artex is a rollerset. This comes in two parts that are connected by metal rods, these components slide over each other to create the effect of an infinitely smooth surface.

What is the best way to paint Artex?

A: The best way to paint Artex is with a roller. You should never use brush strokes, as this can lead to the dust being released and become airborne. Instead of using a brush stroke, you should apply the primer in one layer and then follow up with two layers of paint for each color that your painting.

How do you roller paint an Artex ceiling?

A: You will need to get a large container, paint roller, and paint. You can also buy acryclic at the hardware store. Make sure you use enough water on it to make it stick because if not, your ceiling might end up getting cracks in them after drying out

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